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Wii/PS3 to VGA Cable Setup
Instructions for Wii-to-VGA
  1. Connect the Wii AV Connection of the cable to the AV MULTI-OUT port of the Wii game console
  2. Connect the Green output RCA to the TV Video port
  3. Start the Wii game console, turn on the TV, and the picture from the Wii will appear on the TV screen. Note: The picture on the TV screen is in black and white
  4. Connect the VGA cable to the VGA port of your monitor or HDTV. Usually no picture will appear at this time. But if any picture does appear, you can use the Wii without any further changes to settings
  5. With a Wii controller, navigate through and change the settings as marked below:
    • Wii Option
    • Wii Settings
    • Screen
    • TV Resolution
    • EDTV or HDTV (480p)
    • Confirm
  6. The Wii will probably restart automatically. However, if not, turn on the Wii manually once it has shut off
  7. The image from the Wii will appear on the monitor/HDTV. The installation is finished and games can be enjoyed on your monitor/HDTV
Instructions for PS3-to-VGA
  1. Connect the PS3 AV plug to the PS3 AV MULTIOUT port
  2. Connect the VGA plug to the Monitor.
    • If you do not see you PS3 at startup you must connect to a TV for a one-time setup
      • Connect the Green RCA connection to the Video In connection on a TV
      • Connect and start the PS3 console. A black and white image will appear on the TV which you can use to complete the setup
  3. With a PS3 controller, navigate through and change the settings as marked below:
    • Settings
    • Display Settings
    • Video Output Settings
    • Component/D-Terminal
    • Change and press Enter to the next step
    • Select 480P, 720P, 1080I and/or 1080P and press right on the D-Pad
  4. You should see the video on your computer monitor. Make sure to confirm your settings within 30 seconds or the video settings will revert to their previous values.
  5. Set your audio output port to AV Multi
  6. Confirm your settings


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