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Separate Video is a method of transferring video signals for home entertainment devices like TVs,VCRs,DVD players and Game Consoles.Also know as Y/C,S-VHS or Super Video S-Video uses a Mini Din connector, with 4 pins and one plastic key.
S-Video will take a standard definition signal and will separate the lighting from the coloring signals, and sends each down independent signal/ground pairs, this will provide high quality and less ‘noise’ than standard composite video.S-Video will support resolutions of 480i and 576i.
Better than
S-Video will have a sharper and clearer signal than composite video and will likely be better than a coaxial cable type connection from a VCR or DVD player.
Not as good as
If your video device has component, or a digital output like DVI or HDMI, Display Port, they will be higher quality.But for standard definition signals S-Video is only outdone by component video.
DVD players
Game Consoles(like Xbox,Playstation, and Gamecube)
TV Out from many desktop or laptop computers
Some cameras or Video cameras have S-Video
Simple conversions require only a passive adapter or cable, there is no active conversion simply different pin outs of the same signals. Complex conversions require active circuitry to convert the signal to change it to the new signal. These often only work one-way.
S-video to S-video (Besides the standard cables) There are S-video Extension cables
S-video to Composite video. It will only be at composite quality, but they will be compatible.
S-video to VGA  If you want to view your S-video source on a computer monitor, you can get a TV tuner
Computer to S-Video If you want to output your computer screen to TV, you can either get a video card with TV out or get a TV to PC converter.


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