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Why Use an HDMI Switcher?
 HDMI cables have become the standard for all home entertainment systems. However, HDMI is a fairly recent development in home entertainment. It is not uncommon to have a large, flat-screen plasma TV that only has one HDMI port. But with all the different HDMI media source possibilities, including Blu-ray players, DVD players, Apple TV, Roku and satellite connections, you will need several HDMI ports. Rather than dropping thousands of dollars on a new TV just to get more HDMI ports, an HDMI switcher will expand the number of ports and automatically switch between the media sources.

The HDMI hubs function much like a power strip, except for HDMI cables. You simply connect the media sources to the HDMI box with an HDMI cable, and then connect the box to the TV or projector. The optimum sound and visual quality on either side of the HDMI switch box is up to 25 feet. After all the media sources are connected to the TV, the switch box with detect any changes in the power and adjust the display accordingly. For example, if you are playing XBOX and turn on your DVD player, the HDMI switching selector will automatically change the display on the TV and show the movie. However, some media sources do not completely power down and are constantly running. The HDMI switcher does not recognize the power changes when this is the case. Most media sources have factory settings that can be changed to make the automatic switch compatible.


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