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DVI and HDMI are both use digital signals so why do we have to have both types? Can't i just use either one for my Audio/Visual setup?

The connectors found at the end of these two cables are very different looking from eachother. One huge difference between these two interfaces is that DVI will only carry and transmit Video while HDMI will carry and transmit both Video and Audio. Another advatage that HDMI has over DVI is that HDMI only has two types of connections. Mini HDMI and HDMI while DVI has five types of connection that you have to distinguish between. Mini HDMI is a more recent type of connection and is not used on many more things than a few cameras and some phones are starting to use it.

DVI connections are found more often on computers than HDMI connections although HDMI is appearing more and more on computers as time goes on. Almost always when you find an HDMI connection on a computer it supports Audio and Video even though once in a while it will only do Video.

*One really cool thing about these connections, since they are both digital, is that you can change DVI to HDMI using this adapter if you want to plug your DVI source (like a computer) into your HDMI input on your TV or vise-versa you can take your HDMI source and change it to DVI to connect to a computer monitor using this adapter.

DVI Connector DVI-D Dual Link
DVI-D Single Link DVI-A
DVI-I Dual Link DVI-I Single Link


You can read more about HDMI here and more about DVI here if you still have any questions about these two interfaces.

*Note: Converting DVI to HDMI or HDMI to DVI with one of these adapters will not support audio unless you are using a coverter like this.


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