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NOTE TO OUR CUSTOMERS: Please be wary of products promising the impossible. There are companies pushing VGA to HDMI cables to convert from one signal format to the other. Beware of cables like the one pictured here. Thank you.

Have you ever wondered why there aren't any cables that have VGA on one end and HDMI on the other so that you can connect your computer to an HD TV without using a special converter? This is because VGA is an Analog signal while HDMI is Digital. Because of these two different types of signal there is no possible way for you to convert VGA to HDMI without a converter like our VGA to HDMI converter.

A major difference between VGA and HDMI is that VGA only transmits video just like DVI, while HDMI will transmit audio and video simultaneously. HDMI is used on High Definition TVs and can be found on computers every once in a while. It is seeming like HDMI is appearing on computers more and more as time goes on.

VGA and HDMI look do not look similar in anyway at all. The VGA connection has three rows of pins with five pins in each row. HDMI has nineteen pins in it and is a smaller connector but you can not see the pins like you can on VGA.

                  VGA                       HDMI

For people who have an older computer with only VGA available for video output but want to be able to connect it to their new HD TV and get the hightest quality picture available there is a solution for you. Using our VGA to HDMI converter, you can plug the VGA source of your computer into this converter and also connect the audio cable from the computer to the converter and send the audio and video from the computer to your TV at a 720p signal.


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